Customer Reviews

“I recently stopped in at a local bakery to investigate a dessert I heard this place made, pumple cake. Pumple cake is a fall dessert which is a pumpkin pie inside an apple pie inside a cheesecake. It’s like the turducken of the dessert world. Sugar Patisserie also makes special order cakes and other seasonal desserts.

I will definitely be frequenting Sugar Patisserie more often. Their desserts are fresh, fun and incredible to eat. I am happy it is on this side of the bridge and I look forward to their future seasonal creations.”

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Review written by Ruveen Stogryn

“I’m not an apple pie fan. I’m not even a pumpkin pie fan. But the pumple cake is one of my all time favorite desserts! It is super delicious.”

Review written by Ildi

Even though I am not into cakes I can’t resist Sugar Patisserie! Their cakes are TOO good! Caitlin puts real passion and pride in creating wonderful deserts with best ingredients. Once you try it you will get hooked. Last time I tried chocolate hazelnut mousse and lemon cake (baked vanilla bean cheese cake with lemon curd topping). I highly recommend Sugar Patisserie!

Maria Tikhonova

I eat cakes for my regular meal. I can’t pass by a store when I see anything like it through the windows. No wonder I tried some random stuff from Sugar Patisserie. I don’t remember by name what it was, but this is the first time I write about food and cakes being regular for my diet. That was something you want to experience again and again, and never get bored with the taste.

Mike Michouris

Cheesecakes at Sugar are really fresh tasting and make great desserts for special occasions!

Kyle Knapton

This is my go to bakery for macarons! It’s so nice being able to get those sweet little cookies in surrey. Pistachio macarons are my personal favorite!

Natasha L.