Specialty Cakes

6”- $30, 8”- $40, 10”- $50 (round cakes)

Black forest: Chocolate cake, whipping cream, cherries filling and chocolate shavings.

Baked cheese cake: chocolate or vanilla bean (also available in 4”-$20).

St Honore: Hand made puff pastry and pate de choux filled with vanilla bean pastry cream then topped with caramel-dipped profiteroles and fresh whipped cream (also available in chocolate which is topped with ganache, chocolate chantilly and chocolate shavings).

Sacher torte: Chocolate cake made with local hazelnuts filled with our house made Okanagan apricot preserve then coated in rich chocolate ganache and topped with unsweetened whipping cream. (only available in 8” for $40).

Lemon cream cake: White sponge cake with lemon curd and whipped cream.

Vanilla cream cake: White sponge cake with pastry cream and whipped cream.

German Chocolate Cake: Chocolate cake with a creamy caramel coconut and pecan filling, finished with chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings.